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I know you are…but what am I??

So I’ve bandied about the narcissistic label and in the past I have entertained (mainly in jest, however if the shoe fits) the possibility that my ex is a sociopath in some regards, as he fits some of the listed characteristics…if … Continue reading

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‘Narcissis’t or Daffodil…that is the question

I stumbled upon this post yesterday… Leaving the Narcissist by Wendy Powell …and I can’t stop thinking about it!  I forwarded it to my friend and we both had a great little laugh about the parallels…she even responded after reading … Continue reading

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Welcome to the BLACK LIST of online dating…

I have dated off and on for the past year.  Posting a profile on a couple of the online sites here and there trying to see which ones may have real options for me…not just the “hook-up seeking” lonely men.  … Continue reading

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On snow day #3…after a 3 day weekend to begin with… …have enjoyed the time with the kids.  They are doing all the things kids should do on unscheduled free days…playing in the snow, having fun with neighbors, spending WAAYYY … Continue reading

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The sacrifices we make…the regrets we hold…

I sit here and watch acquaintances’ family lives on Facebook and wonder where the fairness is for my family.  I have always wanted to be the house where my kids felt comfortable to bring all their friends back and have loud … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Paramour’s Email…

Actual “cut and paste” from the email received via the ex from the Paramour…only names have been changed… ” I know that [my ex] has expressed my want to meet you, and communicate with you, and that you have declined.  I … Continue reading

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A comment is worth a thousand unspoken words…

Yes…I did say “comment”!  Just as a picture can tell a story, so too can our comments.  Especially with all the undertone unspoken words that we DON’T say… …but just as a picture’s story is up to the viewer to determine (I … Continue reading

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New Traditions

We had a rare “unscheduled” day yesterday…no sporting events, it was my weekend, no sickness keeping us home, etc. so I planned an outing!! In the past I have always been the event planner.  I wanted to begin traditions with … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment…

So for the first time in many years I have gotten news that the ex is doing something seemingly selfless and in efforts to put his children’s needs first… Yesterday I was informed that he is moving out of the … Continue reading

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 We’re having a “snow” day…though there is NO SNOW on the ground…so I thought I’d share some of the creative examples my children have constructed on OTHER days filled with snow… The “HAPPY COUPLE”… ENJOY THE PEACE OF YOUR DAY … Continue reading

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