Hello Blogging World – What’s MY Perspective?

So I’ve decided to give this venue a try!!  Writing has helped me through many issues in my past, and I hope this venue can connect me with like minded and supportive people…because God knows, we ALL need support through this crazy thing called life…

SO!! Who am I?  What’s my story?  I am first and foremost a mother.  I have three children – one in every level of school there is available before college! 😉  Our family began in the Midwest, where my husband decided that his lucrative 10 year private industry job was no longer desirable, so he changed careers to a much more sexy government job.  The new job required many sacrifices and uprooting the family multiple times.  Within the past eight years we moved to three different states and school districts, four different houses, until now settling near our nation’s capitol.

Within a year of the final move, my husband had started his affair.  That was three years ago.  He continued in the affair for six months before I knew anything about her.  During that time we fought about the state of our marriage, bought what I had hoped to be the saving grace “family” home, and I decided to return to working full time after having been a stay at home mom for the  previous 13 years.  One week before starting my new job, the bomb dropped.  The following months were treacherous as he still (unbeknownst to me) saw her and I begged for a recommitment to our marriage.  There was a short feign toward reconciliation before he returned to his paramour and her two young children.  She had been married for five years when she separated from her husband.  Truly the only reason I found out was because HER estranged husband found out who MY ex was, and started driving past MY house and threatening to tell me himself.  I know, trashy romance novel right?  That or Jerry Springer!  Needless to say, I wonder often of the survival chances of this relationship…though they are still going strong at this point.

Fast forward a bit…my ex introduced my children to his new family in 2013.  Quick assimilation with a week long beach vacation with her, her sister/husband/children, and mother this past summer after only four months prior knowing that a “girlfriend” even existed.  Four months later they moved into the basement of her condo.  I expect a marriage to soon follow…she’s waited the past three years after all.  Many would commend them on their approach.  That “they are doing it right” and slowing acclimating them to the “new way of things”.  I can attest to the truth that it hasn’t really made it any “EASIER” on the children.  They still feel betrayed, though they really don’t even know the whole story…imagine if they knew the truth.

So where that leaves me…I am working VERY hard to keep my head high and continue the path of parenting that I have always stuck by with the expectations I have always wanted for my family.  Honesty and openness along with achievement through hard work and dedication while putting a priority on traditions and relationships with others.  My faith has been shaken and put to the ultimate test, and I can say that I have struggled and not come out on the faithful side, though I still encourage my children to find comfort and solace in their own faith.  I am hoping to use this venue as a way of helping to work through some of these challenges and experiences and maybe share and sympathize with others.

Thank you for allowing me this stage…nice to meet you all.  Comments always welcome. 🙂


About Making Sense from MY Perspective

I have a problem...I see myself through the eyes of my ex...and his glasses are not really the most flattering. I really need to get my own glasses...so this is MY Perspective.
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5 Responses to Hello Blogging World – What’s MY Perspective?

  1. Chessie says:

    Just keep your head up. You don’t need a man to complete your family. Your kids will see the wrongs of this man, without you having to acknowledge that (not that you are). Truthfully, if he cheated after years of marriage, chances are he will do it to her. Sounds like a ass anyways.

  2. 😦 so many selfish people……

  3. Keep writing. You write very well. I have found that writing is very therapeutic; almost as if you can vent about a particular aspect and then more easily move away from it.

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