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When did DUTY become a dirty word??

So I sought out the good ole reliable 😉 Wikipedia for the start… Duty (from “due” meaning “that which is owing”; Old French: deu, did, past participle of devoir; Latin: debere, debitum, whence “debt“) is a term that conveys a … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

“I don’t like to hurt the people I care about” – the ex This was in response to a comment I made regarding the fact that our children know he lies. “I don’t like to hurt the people I care … Continue reading

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Hey! I lived through ______________ and I turned out OK!!

What bullshit!! I’m so tired of hearing all the arguments that have NO WEIGHT for why it is okay or appropriate for people to do shitty things to others or why shitty behavior is excused. “I lived through my father … Continue reading

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My ex is Superman…albeit a metaphorical one!

Yes.  I said my ex is Superman.  I have been playing over an interaction with him that occurred this past weekend…it was the first of its kind in MANY months.  I actually opened my mouth and allowed a few opinions … Continue reading

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Lies, more often, are shame and manipulation. We feel ashamed that we aren’t “following the rules” someone else has put forth – a person, our parent, our boss, our government, our God.  We attempt to manipulate a situation so that … Continue reading

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A run in with the ex tonight has me back at the keyboard… Things he expects from me… …I will try to control any and all situations. …my words will always be arrows pointing at the blame that belongs to … Continue reading

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Conversations with my children…

This has been a week…WOW!!  My “mom” skills are worn OUT! 🙂 My pre-teen daughter has had to deal with a friend who decided he wanted “more than friendship” and when turned down chose an uncomfortable path that led to … Continue reading

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Careful what you wish for (Part 2)

So…you may be wondering…how did church go on Sunday… I showed up first and sat down.  He and the kids arrived a short time later and didn’t see me there until they had sat in the row in front of … Continue reading

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Careful what you wish for…

Remember a few days ago…I was pleasantly surprised about a new development…Never a Dull Moment Yeah. Well. Welcome to the reality. This past week has been riddled with “visits” by him at our kids events where he used to be … Continue reading

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