Careful what you wish for…

Remember a few days ago…I was pleasantly surprised about a new development…Never a Dull Moment

Yeah. Well. Welcome to the reality. This past week has been riddled with “visits” by him at our kids events where he used to be absent and unmissed. My daughter was bewildered when he showed up to her swim practice ‘just to watch’. I have fielded multiple phone calls of requests for scheduling information – since when did I receive the job description of “My Ex’s Secretary”? He is privy to the same information I am, and I don’t call and ask him “What time does this start?” or “Where is this event located and how do I get there?” And now, while he is needing to “look like the good daddy” to get back in the good graces of our children, he is taking them to church. Good right? Church is a good thing. Except he is taking them to OUR church. Again, “it’s the kids’ church so that should be a GOOD thing”, right?

As much as it is their church, it is also MY church.  It should be MY sanctuary to feel safe and protected.  It is where I have struggled to make friends in the throes of a divorce with families and couples that don’t know me or my kids, and certainly don’t know HIM…we were new members shortly before the divorce 2.5 years ago. Where I have struggled to help my kids feel included as well as find a place of my own…which I still struggle with and often wonder if I should begin the “church shopping” stages again or if my disconnect is my own doing.

After he left, HE stopped going to church and only showed up for a couple events with the kids, more for face value than anything else I believe (maybe knowing he was an adulterer made it uncomfortable) HE never found a church for them to attend when they were with him.  I have no idea if he even attends a church at all with his paramour. (the adulteree who wants to me to see my way to “light, love, and happiness” by opening communications with her) But NOW. NOW, he is going to start taking MY kids to MY church since now he “lives so close” and has to “make up to the kids to get back in their good graces”…

the invasion of my life begins…what was I thinking that him moving closer was a good thing…


About Making Sense from MY Perspective

I have a problem...I see myself through the eyes of my ex...and his glasses are not really the most flattering. I really need to get my own this is MY Perspective.
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