Spring Break Birthday Fun!!

Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s 13th birthday…I was lucky enough to get to be the one to spend the day with her – and lucky us it was over break!  I arranged for her to have a make-up consultation since I don’t really wear make-up and she is getting more interested in that “girlie” stuff. lol

She enjoyed getting “made-up” and we left with a “more mature than I wanted”, but naturally looking beautiful, teenager…they grow up so fast.

My kids get to pick their own special birthday dinner, birthday treat, and an activity they would like to do…my girl picked hanging out at the river, so here are a few pictures from our festivities.


This is my amazing girl!


This was a blue heron we saw fishing…we all cheered when it caught one!  We were even lucky enough to witness an eagle soaring above us and I watched a hawk hunt a fish as well…I love catching wildlife in action.


We hung out with friends…these kids are like siblings they love each other so much and spend so much time together.  I just love the bonds they make with others.


These sorts of things are the things that I have always treasured…going on outings and experiencing life with my children, and creating bonds with others that make me feel connected to something.

My children are all in “gifted” programs at school.  They are considered smart by some standard.  I have always argued that I don’t think they are any more “gifted” than any other child, but rather they are “exposed”…I have endeavored to enrich their lives with experiences that they can hold on to and relationships they can derive pleasure and solace from.

I have always felt that I wanted a partner to share in providing these things for my children.  I wanted someone to help prepare experiences and dream up adventures for us all…someone to share in cheering them through their sporting endeavors…someone to help shoulder the load of responsibility as well as the thrill of achievement.

I came to realize I never truly had that with my ex.  In the past, he had merely been a warm body in attendance in many regards.  When he was no longer in the picture, I wondered how I would be able to do all the things with them that I have always wanted to…

I’m starting to realize…all I need to do is keep doing what I was doing all along.



About Making Sense from MY Perspective

I have a problem...I see myself through the eyes of my ex...and his glasses are not really the most flattering. I really need to get my own glasses...so this is MY Perspective.
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5 Responses to Spring Break Birthday Fun!!

  1. “I’m starting to realize…all I need to do is keep doing what I was doing all along.”
    This is an inspiring message and also rings true for me. Thanks for this uplifting post.

  2. bamboozled1 says:

    LOOOOOOOOOVE how you caught the little one *mid bounce*!!!

    and so not surprised to hear theyre in gifted classes, sometimes you can just tell from the mother (though i would be shocked if anyone said it of me lol), i also like your attitude about it… when it was brought to my attention and i started learning about it, while many were very supportive and had good advice to offer, i came across a lot of parents who just wanted to crow and brag about it and while i do think every child has their own unique gifts also… parents competing over it makes me cringe… and it actually, when i see the kid shrink away from the parents showing off, it makes me think they dont really know their kids at all… i just keep it to myself really, and those who also know my kids, because those same parents, tend to be the ones who, if you so much as ask what gifted means, they want to tell you youre wrong and just being arrogant and theres no such thing! lol. sheesh. its not a competition.

    youre doing awesome mum!

    • Thanks for the supportive words of encouragement! …and yes, I’m FAR from gifted myself! hahaha I remember in elementary school I had friends in the program and I always wondered why I wasn’t good enough to be in it! hahaha Now I have three in, and I don’t see that it’s really that much of a big deal…lol

      • bamboozled1 says:

        its good for them in many ways i believe… but no, not as big a deal as some make out… my main worry is that they somehow become separated from the rest as if it makes them better… as long as its all very normal and no one is being pointed out as different or getting special treatment im all for it!

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