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Break the cycle…of my own inner thoughts!

I’ve been so busy…it’s testing season. UGH I’ve had a difficult and challenging year of students. My homeroom of 25 is a conglomerate of the society we have created with unlimited/unmonitored technology and self-absorption and more concern for finding our own happiness above all … Continue reading

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My story is so different… not that any story of infidelity is really the same… Another blogger mentioned the TrueTori show about her husband’s affair and their broken marriage. The curiosity that killed the cat, yeah, well, it got me … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Honey!

Sunday was my anniversary. Well, not really. It “would have been” my anniversary. It “would have been” 18 years. Last year I received my divorce papers signed, sealed, and delivered the day before the “would have been” anniversary. Happy Un-Anniversary … Continue reading

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Oh, that’s a curse word?? (Conversations with my kids…)

So riding in the car with my 14 year old last night on the way home from a meeting about a mission trip he is headed on with his youth group this summer…. ME:  Are you looking forward to NY? … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day


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So apparently stranger things actually CAN happen…

This is his weekend.  He has them at least until tomorrow morning when he is bringing them back for Mother’s Day festivities. So this text comes through this morning… From our talk with the counselor on Tuesday.  I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Stranger things could happen

Yes, stranger things could happen…I’m sure…but this was a pretty surprising “huh???” moment… The ex was talking to the kids at bedtime, on speaker, as usual, them half listening, him trying to engage and not really succeeding.  It’s sad really.  I … Continue reading

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You can’t handle the truth!!

So today was the appointment with the counselor that I was struggling with… I’ve realized several things after today… 1.  I worry about seeming bitter, because I don’t really want to be perceived that way, because really I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Scarlet Letter

I’ve been wearing a self imposed scarlet letter. No, I never cheated on my husband. I wasn’t the one who ultimately turned away from my marriage in the end. Yet still, I have branded myself in my own mind. I … Continue reading

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So next week Tuesday I get to sit in a counselor’s office to discuss my recently turned ‘teen’ daughter’s issues. With my ex. I’m struggling. What do I say? “I’m worried about her anger because she hates her father and … Continue reading

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