Stranger things could happen

Yes, stranger things could happen…I’m sure…but this was a pretty surprising “huh???” moment…

The ex was talking to the kids at bedtime, on speaker, as usual, them half listening, him trying to engage and not really succeeding.  It’s sad really.  I try not to listen or be in the room when they are ‘talking’ to him…this time, I was there.  Since it was on speaker, he asked if we could talk for a quick bit after he finished with the kids.  I said sure.  I completely expected the conversation to revolve around the counselor’s appointment…

I actually expected some version of his paramour’s take on the comments I made to come out of his mouth, as has been the typical when he talks to me a few days after an encounter.

So I called him back when the kids were finished…

ME:  Hey!  So, what do you need?

EX:  (long pause) Well, thanks for calling me back, I have a question for you.  I probably shouldn’t be asking you this.  You probably won’t answer it anyway.  I shouldn’t be doing this.  I shouldn’t even be bothering you with this. (and more general stumbling over himself to “NOT” ask some question…)

ME:  Well, why don’t you just ask the question and leave it up to me to decide if I want to answer or not.  I can choose for myself.

…(pause)…while I wait all the possible things running through my head…

– something about the marital house and his possible intention of moving in and bringing his girlfriend??

– something about the kids — visitation changes, schedules, advice, etc.??

– something about his family that he needs my help with (since I’m the one with that history in his life)??

– something about the relationship with the girlfriend that he needs help with??

EX:  So…what is it about me and my history that makes me so broken?

(ahem) … (W. T. F.?????) … (hold on, did I hear that correctly) … (wait, don’t say anything) … (brain, process please?!) … (think about this) … (W. T. F.????) … (ummm)

EX:  See, I shouldn’t even be asking you this.  You can’t tell me this.  I need to find the answer to this question somewhere else.  I’m sorry I asked.  Thanks for calling me back.  I really appreciate it.

ME:  Well…um…if you have any OTHER questions you want to ask me, I may be able to answer THOSE, but no, you’re right, I can’t answer that question for you.

EX:  (more stumbling over himself)

ME:  I’m happy to try and help if there is something I can do for you; if you have OTHER questions.  (Like, what am I doing to contribute to the break in my relationship with our daughter, or what is one action I could take that would improve the relationship with the kids, or ANYTHING else that would be pertinent to the only thing I have need to discuss with you anymore – our connection with regard to the kids)

I can only assume he was drinking and feeling more lax about his decision making skills and suffering from inhibitions reduced.  Maybe there was some discord in his love life.  Maybe he and the paramour had a falling out…and I’m the only other person in his life that “KNOWS him” so he turns here?

I don’t know.

But I can’t help.

I’ve tried.

He’s right.  He needs to seek the answer to that question.  Individually.  Not with my help.  Not with a paramour whispering in his ear.  Probably with a professional.

Maybe it is HIM who needs to be in counseling to help his relationship with his daughter, not HER!

I wish I could say I wasn’t sad.  Or dwelling.  But they would both be false statements.

I tried throughout much of our marriage to help him deal with his issues of emotional dishonesty with himself and others.  His tendencies to withdraw and remain “unattached” in many regards.  His “fake it till  you make it” approach that never left the “fake it” stages.

I get it.  He was protecting himself.  It stems from his dysfunctional childhood.  His parents sucked.  I know all parents have a level of ‘suck’, but they REALLY sucked.  They were unavailable and allowed environments that were unhealthy for the children.  He and his sister had to protect themselves and there was always a huge element of denial and guilt induced by the adults.

His denial and self preservation continued on in to his adult life UNRESOLVED!!

But it isn’t my job anymore to try and help guide him.

It literally sucks the life out of me.  I have no more left for him.  And I have been left an empty shell towards his needs.

Yet I still feel empathy.  And my “fix it” nature wants to be the savior.

He had no other questions.  The conversation ended abruptly with another apology for having bothered me and thanks for returning the call.

Since then, we’ve acted like nothing happened.

My brain has a hard time forgetting.  But I’m getting better at ignoring and making my filter work overtime so my mouth doesn’t overflow.

Yes, stranger things can happen, I know, but for this week, that was a big one.



About Making Sense from MY Perspective

I have a problem...I see myself through the eyes of my ex...and his glasses are not really the most flattering. I really need to get my own this is MY Perspective.
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8 Responses to Stranger things could happen

  1. bamboozled1 says:

    i get stuff like this too…
    whats wrong with me? can you tell me?
    like i havent been doing that for ages haha.
    its not that i dont have a huuuuuuuuge list, and yes, i would love to get in there and fix him heh… but balancing the scale is me also very much wanting to tell him what a screw up he is lol…
    but yick, im not going to help make him *pretend* to be better for some other fool,. the only way he can get better is realising it on his own. otherwise its fake.

    its rather lowly yes, but at the moment, im of the opinion that any knowledge he gains in his current state will potentially be used for evil (to trick people) i dont want any part in that.

    • I also think it’s BS that I could be working good in him that SHE gets to benefit from…as it is, I was the one supporting him all along to get him to where he is right now already – so I guess I molded her boyfriend…she should be thankful to me already! lol Lucky her!

      • bamboozled1 says:

        i still think, that ultimately, it would be good of me to help… because it would definitely benefit the kids in the long term, so much… and they have a long long way to go… we all do. and the fact is, i do know him best…

        but. i cant do it for him, im their mother, not his. his mother, and his father for that matter, also have a fair bit to answer for. i think in helping slay the demons (slash parents) lol, you have to want nothing in return, and not be too hopeful for fast results… you might have encountered it in the past while, people who want to give you advice… but when you dont take it, on the spot, run with it and fly… they get fed up with you and leave you sad… heh.

        while were on the subject of strange… hmm, its mothers day here today… he just called and said ‘tell mum to get dressed i have a surprise’… its his usual day with the boys but i spent last night making cakes and a picnic for us, thinking we could go to lunch before he showed up… except its almost lunchtime now, the big one wont get out of bed and he will be here in another hour and a half… i might have to share my cake 😦 lol

  2. I would think ‘Hey, didn’t you leave me to fix all that? Wasn’t I supposedly the cause of all your problems?’ They are his problems now.

  3. Jane Evans says:

    I am 9 years down the line & had to check that you weren’t me writing about my ex, so similar was the situation. Oh by the way, NEVER share cake 🙂

  4. Jane Evans says:

    Reblogged this on Challenges Choices Changes and commented:
    I had to share this with you, it all sounded so familiar…

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