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Feeling like a part of something… A part of a family. A part of a relationship. A part of a frienship. A part of a team. A part of a social group. A part of a community. It seems to … Continue reading

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Because it hurts…

I keep asking myself why I don’t want to interact with my ex.  Why I can’t bring myself to have the new age “divorced parents who are friends” type of relationship (like he thinks we should have – ‘for the kids’ … Continue reading

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“You look nice!”

The ex says these words. On a regular basis. They’re nice words. They’re complementary. A natural human response is to be appreciative… …so why does every time he says it rub me the wrong way? Why can’t I just accept … Continue reading

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Donning the armor against divorce and coparenting…

I’m visiting the blog less.  I sometimes wonder if that is a good sign.  That I’m not dwelling on the crappy parts of my life…because I tend to seek out this forum when I need reassurances and support that I … Continue reading

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Riding out the waves

It’s been awhile… since my last post… What’s been happening?  Well…the school year ended.  My summer online course for licensure renewal started.  My ex continues to be a source of woe and sometimes humor (more at his expense than on … Continue reading

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