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There’s No Place Like Home…

That’s what ‘they’ say. (whoever ‘they’ is…) So what happens when you don’t feel like you have a “home”? I’m 40 years old. I don’t feel that there is anywhere I truly call home. I’ve had times in my life where … Continue reading

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I have a curse…emotion.

The women in my family have trouble with emotions. They are so close to the surface. They come through at inopportune times whether we want them to or not. It makes for passionate personalities, and tissues required at all even remotely … Continue reading

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My problem is…

I want people to acknowledge personal responsibility. and maybe I expect this without acknowledging my own at the same time… and that’s a problem too I guess… Tonight I had a monkey wrench in my plans. I had an idea of how the … Continue reading

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I feel overwhelmed…but I think I’m just exhausted…

I took on a new grade level this year. I jumped from fifth grade to first in an effort to avoid my own child and her friends being in my class and the potential headaches that may arise from this … Continue reading

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