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My story is so different… not that any story of infidelity is really the same… Another blogger mentioned the TrueTori show about her husband’s affair and their broken marriage. The curiosity that killed the cat, yeah, well, it got me … Continue reading

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You can’t handle the truth!!

So today was the appointment with the counselor that I was struggling with… I’ve realized several things after today… 1.  I worry about seeming bitter, because I don’t really want to be perceived that way, because really I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Scarlet Letter

I’ve been wearing a self imposed scarlet letter. No, I never cheated on my husband. I wasn’t the one who ultimately turned away from my marriage in the end. Yet still, I have branded myself in my own mind. I … Continue reading

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Some things I WISH I could say…

Today my ex made a comment in an email about “knowing my feelings on this matter” regarding him moving forward with a relationship with the paramour and “appreciating my cooperation” with a schedule change that will accommodate their plan for reintroduction of her into … Continue reading

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You can’t get SOMETHING for NOTHING…

Okay…it’s Spring Break for me – OBVIOUSLY based on my last two posts! lol So I’ve had time to peruse my site and many others this morning. The kids are with Disney Dad (my daughter getting a new Chromebook for her … Continue reading

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The “moments” just keep coming…

So latest developments…because I know you’re just dying to know!  About two months ago I got news that my ex was moving back to be closer to the kids.  Remember Never a Dull Moment…?  Fast forward to a few weeks … Continue reading

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Some things are just taboo…or flat out wrong.

I truly believe you can surround yourself with a multitude of people who will all agree with you…whatever your position.  They will all cheer you on and sing your praises.  They will hold you up and puff your ego… …even … Continue reading

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Lies, more often, are shame and manipulation. We feel ashamed that we aren’t “following the rules” someone else has put forth – a person, our parent, our boss, our government, our God.  We attempt to manipulate a situation so that … Continue reading

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A run in with the ex tonight has me back at the keyboard… Things he expects from me… …I will try to control any and all situations. …my words will always be arrows pointing at the blame that belongs to … Continue reading

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Careful what you wish for…

Remember a few days ago…I was pleasantly surprised about a new development…Never a Dull Moment Yeah. Well. Welcome to the reality. This past week has been riddled with “visits” by him at our kids events where he used to be … Continue reading

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