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What Makes a Hero

So reveling in the high of his agreeing to move forward on the house…he never fails to give me more grief to shake my head about. No, it’s not the ludicrous ideas of us being great friends or him moving … Continue reading

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Just any other day…

These are the hard times. You try to play it off as just any other day. But it isn’t. It’s a reminder. It’s a slap in the face. It’s the harsh reality. My children are waking up to Christmas morning … Continue reading

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Memories…and MISSING OUT!

This is Homecoming weekend. My oldest (a boy) attended the dance with a great group of about 14 kids (9 girls, 5 boys) who met up at one boy’s home (LOVELY family, I’ve started becoming friends with the mom recently … Continue reading

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Never a dull moment…

It has been a month…because school started and I’m up to my ears with work. Few understand the true work that goes into being an elementary school teacher. Just let me say, I have 22 students in my class that … Continue reading

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So I don’t want to run to my mom or my bestie…but this just popped up in conversation with the kiddos since they’ve been back with me this week after a week with their dad… “Dad had pictures of some … Continue reading

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Feeling like a part of something… A part of a family. A part of a relationship. A part of a frienship. A part of a team. A part of a social group. A part of a community. It seems to … Continue reading

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Because it hurts…

I keep asking myself why I don’t want to interact with my ex.  Why I can’t bring myself to have the new age “divorced parents who are friends” type of relationship (like he thinks we should have – ‘for the kids’ … Continue reading

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Donning the armor against divorce and coparenting…

I’m visiting the blog less.  I sometimes wonder if that is a good sign.  That I’m not dwelling on the crappy parts of my life…because I tend to seek out this forum when I need reassurances and support that I … Continue reading

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The calm after the storm…sometimes it brings rainbows.

So this last week of school was hectic… I’m changing grade levels next year, and the jump is a big one…5th grade to 1st or Kinder… I’m excited. But it’s chaos getting my room packed up and ready for the … Continue reading

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Break the cycle…of my own inner thoughts!

I’ve been so busy…it’s testing season. UGH I’ve had a difficult and challenging year of students. My homeroom of 25 is a conglomerate of the society we have created with unlimited/unmonitored technology and self-absorption and more concern for finding our own happiness above all … Continue reading

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