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I’m really not over exaggerating…right?

The latest…because it’s been a day or so since the last asinine thing said/suggested/put forth. I get a call yesterday on his drive home…it went something like this: EX: So I’ve been thinking about how you need a new car … Continue reading

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Love and Respect…can we get what we want?

I’m beginning to believe that it may just be as simple as this… women want more than anything to feel loved, cherished, admired. men want more than anything to feel respected, valued, admired. And I think we both desire the connection from a single … Continue reading

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Another of those painful conversations…but it’s getting easier.

I voiced my truth. Our household had sickness the past couple weeks. It ran its course through all of us in some fashion. Even the ex. I started it all before the holiday. But once the holiday was over, my littlest one … Continue reading

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My problem is…

I want people to acknowledge personal responsibility. and maybe I expect this without acknowledging my own at the same time… and that’s a problem too I guess… Tonight I had a monkey wrench in my plans. I had an idea of how the … Continue reading

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It’s a setup!

Interactions are always some sort of setup. Why? you ask? Because all responsibility for decision making is put on my shoulders. Always. If I don’t tell him what time the kids have their events, then it’s my fault they’re late. … Continue reading

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Because it hurts…

I keep asking myself why I don’t want to interact with my ex.  Why I can’t bring myself to have the new age “divorced parents who are friends” type of relationship (like he thinks we should have – ‘for the kids’ … Continue reading

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Donning the armor against divorce and coparenting…

I’m visiting the blog less.  I sometimes wonder if that is a good sign.  That I’m not dwelling on the crappy parts of my life…because I tend to seek out this forum when I need reassurances and support that I … Continue reading

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Break the cycle…of my own inner thoughts!

I’ve been so busy…it’s testing season. UGH I’ve had a difficult and challenging year of students. My homeroom of 25 is a conglomerate of the society we have created with unlimited/unmonitored technology and self-absorption and more concern for finding our own happiness above all … Continue reading

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Oh, that’s a curse word?? (Conversations with my kids…)

So riding in the car with my 14 year old last night on the way home from a meeting about a mission trip he is headed on with his youth group this summer…. ME:  Are you looking forward to NY? … Continue reading

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Stranger things could happen

Yes, stranger things could happen…I’m sure…but this was a pretty surprising “huh???” moment… The ex was talking to the kids at bedtime, on speaker, as usual, them half listening, him trying to engage and not really succeeding.  It’s sad really.  I … Continue reading

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