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Online Dating Prospects leave much to be desired…

I don’t think I’m unattractive. Or unappealing. I know I can attract men. So why is dating so difficult for me? I’m in a weird age/stage for dating…I’m 41 and I have teenagers and one preteen who are busy and … Continue reading

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So I don’t want to run to my mom or my bestie…but this just popped up in conversation with the kiddos since they’ve been back with me this week after a week with their dad… “Dad had pictures of some … Continue reading

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Riding out the waves

It’s been awhile… since my last post… What’s been happening?  Well…the school year ended.  My summer online course for licensure renewal started.  My ex continues to be a source of woe and sometimes humor (more at his expense than on … Continue reading

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Bad boys need not apply…well, maybe.

The guy I’m looking for doesn’t exist. I know that…generally…but he should. I’ve met many truly nice guys.  They are soft and squishy and moldable.  They want to please and they don’t really seem to have a strong opinion on … Continue reading

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It’s called “Match”…so where’s mine?

Yes.  I have dabbled in the online dating scene.  More than I would like to admit. LONGER than I would like to admit…. The sites are rank with disrespectful and horny men looking to get laid.  Not sure when talking “sex” … Continue reading

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My story is so different… not that any story of infidelity is really the same… Another blogger mentioned the TrueTori show about her husband’s affair and their broken marriage. The curiosity that killed the cat, yeah, well, it got me … Continue reading

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I’m not ready for love…

I’m not ready for love. I know I’m not ready because I want it. I know I’m not ready because I feel like I need it. I know I’m not ready because I desperately would like to have someone love … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Paramour

I received this after having another conversation with my ex about how his actions have damaged our kids.  How his paramour will never be anything other than the woman that he chose to leave his family for regardless of the … Continue reading

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Second guessing…

I haven’t posted in awhile… almost 2 weeks to be exact… I’ve been in a strange place. I had a run in with my ex that made me feel empowered in the moment, I let down my filter of neutrality … Continue reading

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Welcome to the BLACK LIST of online dating…

I have dated off and on for the past year.  Posting a profile on a couple of the online sites here and there trying to see which ones may have real options for me…not just the “hook-up seeking” lonely men.  … Continue reading

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