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One is the loneliest number…

It’s just so lonely. This life. This life I didn’t imagine for myself. It’s just so damn lonely. I find myself in a place I never chose. With responsibilities that weigh heavily on my shoulders and feel heavier by the … Continue reading

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You can’t get SOMETHING for NOTHING…

Okay…it’s Spring Break for me – OBVIOUSLY based on my last two posts! lol So I’ve had time to peruse my site and many others this morning. The kids are with Disney Dad (my daughter getting a new¬†Chromebook for her … Continue reading

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So with the state of my mind…I probably shouldn’t be writing…yet here I am… I have self doubt. Not just the “oh, gosh, I wonder if they really like me” kind of superficial musings. True. Hard core. Root of my … Continue reading

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