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Some things I WISH I could say…

Today my ex made a comment in an email about “knowing my feelings on this matter” regarding him moving forward with a relationship with the paramour and “appreciating my cooperation” with a schedule change that will accommodate their plan for reintroduction of her into … Continue reading

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Letter from the Paramour…with my personal comments within

“I sent this msg to you Friday through FB.  Apparently you didn’t get the message so I am using the email address on FB to email you.  I’d like to caveat your conversation with [your ex] to state that this email … Continue reading

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A Letter from the Paramour

I received this after having another conversation with my ex about how his actions have damaged our kids.  How his paramour will never be anything other than the woman that he chose to leave his family for regardless of the … Continue reading

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The “moments” just keep coming…

So latest developments…because I know you’re just dying to know!  About two months ago I got news that my ex was moving back to be closer to the kids.  Remember Never a Dull Moment…?  Fast forward to a few weeks … Continue reading

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Some things are just taboo…or flat out wrong.

I truly believe you can surround yourself with a multitude of people who will all agree with you…whatever your position.  They will all cheer you on and sing your praises.  They will hold you up and puff your ego… …even … Continue reading

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Second guessing…

I haven’t posted in awhile… almost 2 weeks to be exact… I’ve been in a strange place. I had a run in with my ex that made me feel empowered in the moment, I let down my filter of neutrality … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Paramour’s Email…

Actual “cut and paste” from the email received via the ex from the Paramour…only names have been changed… ” I know that [my ex] has expressed my want to meet you, and communicate with you, and that you have declined.  I … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment…

So for the first time in many years I have gotten news that the ex is doing something seemingly selfless and in efforts to put his children’s needs first… Yesterday I was informed that he is moving out of the … Continue reading

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Hello Blogging World – What’s MY Perspective?

So I’ve decided to give this venue a try!!  Writing has helped me through many issues in my past, and I hope this venue can connect me with like minded and supportive people…because God knows, we ALL need support through … Continue reading

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Letter to the “Winner” of my Ex-husband

Dear Winner, I felt the need to write to you because there are many things I have wanted to get off my chest.  First, and foremost, congratulations on your win.  My only concern at this time is the way with … Continue reading

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