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Feeling like a part of something… A part of a family. A part of a relationship. A part of a frienship. A part of a team. A part of a social group. A part of a community. It seems to … Continue reading

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Because it hurts…

I keep asking myself why I don’t want to interact with my ex.  Why I can’t bring myself to have the new age “divorced parents who are friends” type of relationship (like he thinks we should have – ‘for the kids’ … Continue reading

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Donning the armor against divorce and coparenting…

I’m visiting the blog less.  I sometimes wonder if that is a good sign.  That I’m not dwelling on the crappy parts of my life…because I tend to seek out this forum when I need reassurances and support that I … Continue reading

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Oh, that’s a curse word?? (Conversations with my kids…)

So riding in the car with my 14 year old last night on the way home from a meeting about a mission trip he is headed on with his youth group this summer…. ME:  Are you looking forward to NY? … Continue reading

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Stranger things could happen

Yes, stranger things could happen…I’m sure…but this was a pretty surprising “huh???” moment… The ex was talking to the kids at bedtime, on speaker, as usual, them half listening, him trying to engage and not really succeeding.  It’s sad really.  I … Continue reading

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You can’t handle the truth!!

So today was the appointment with the counselor that I was struggling with… I’ve realized several things after today… 1.  I worry about seeming bitter, because I don’t really want to be perceived that way, because really I don’t feel … Continue reading

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So next week Tuesday I get to sit in a counselor’s office to discuss my recently turned ‘teen’ daughter’s issues. With my ex. I’m struggling. What do I say? “I’m worried about her anger because she hates her father and … Continue reading

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Some things I WISH I could say…

Today my ex made a comment in an email about “knowing my feelings on this matter” regarding him moving forward with a relationship with the paramour and “appreciating my cooperation” with a schedule change that will accommodate their plan for reintroduction of her into … Continue reading

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You can’t get SOMETHING for NOTHING…

Okay…it’s Spring Break for me – OBVIOUSLY based on my last two posts! lol So I’ve had time to peruse my site and many others this morning. The kids are with Disney Dad (my daughter getting a new Chromebook for her … Continue reading

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Spring Break!!

I remember when the kids were little… There was a small little local zoo we would go to and wander around.  They didn’t have many animals, but it was a great place for toddlers to run around and get a taste … Continue reading

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